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My photos are up here for anyone who wants a nosey. Speaking of noses, mine got sunburnt, and my feet got muddy, but who cares?! Great festival, as always. Saw, in no particular order, Oasis, Muse, Orbital, Paul McCartney, Elbow, Groove Armada, Scissor Sisters, South, The Killers, The Walkmen, Goldie Lookin' Chain, Keane, The Divine Comedy, Franz Ferdinand, James Brown, Supergrass, Morissey, Damien Rice, Hope Of The States and other bits and pieces too.

Apologies for no proper updates for ages. Am online a lot, but generally too busy to sit down and write on here. You can always chat to me!
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How are things in the UK these days? Heard a bunch of shite is going down in Paris. Just curious to hear the british opinion on this.
Cheers, :)
Um, who the heck are you?!

Yes, France in general have had some riots going on for the last week or so, though apparently they're calming down now. Have no idea what this has to do with me though? The general British opinion is one of "Ha!", serves you right for your racist-type laws, though I am no expert on this.